Helping kids in Hebron, Andover and Marlborough, CT develop fundamental lacrosse skills and a love for lacrosse, the fastest sport in town!

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Welcome to RHAM Youth Lacrosse.  Through our volunteer board and coaches we are able to have boys and girls lacrosse programs for grades 1-8 in Hebron, Andover an Marlborough, CT. We look to continue  the development the sport of lacrosse in our area through our volunteers. Lacrosse combines many of the best features of several sports; every child should have the opportunity to experience playing lacrosse. Please help us grow the sport.

RHAM Youth Lacrosse has adopted the following from USA Lacrosse's Keeper of Lacrosse:


Play in the spirit of the game

Honor traditions

Promote honor, integrity and respect

Encourage good sportsmanship

Value teamwork

Own a commitment to community

Our mission is to develop the sport of lacrosse for youth players in the towns of Hebron, Andover, and Marlborough. 



1. At the recreational and development level, coaches should be sure that every player plays an equal amount of time in games.

2. The focus is on learning and development, and every player, regardless of inherent skill, should be given equal opportunities to learn and develop in ways that only game situations provide. Also, equal playing time ensures full Emotional Tanks for all - an essential consideration that should be a big focus in recreational and developmental leagues. Full Emotional Tanks in these leagues will foster progression up the ladder. At this level, the scoreboard is decidedly secondary.

3. At the competitive and elite levels, to suppose that all players will play an equal amount of time is unrealistic. Positive Coaching at these levels does not necessitate equal playing time. What is essential is that all players play at some point (e.g., Blowout games in which your team is way ahead or way behind). At these levels, the focus on the scoreboard naturally increases; however, this must not obscure the larger goal of the development of character.

There are four common characteristics of "successful" lacrosse coaches:


Coaches have Defined Purpose and Motivation- The coach communicates clear purpose and objectives to his/her players.

Coaches have Skill Competence - The coach has a competent knowledge of the game and able to translate those skills appropriately to players.

Coaches are Relational - All players matter. Demonstrate that all players matter through emphasizing respect for self, teammates, opponents, officials and others by "Honoring the Game." The game's richness has been founded on the premise that the "whole is greater than the -sum of its parts" - that the collaborative relationship of all players on the field makes for successful performance and overall satisfaction.

Coaches possess Good Character - The coach is a powerful role model and therefore models high standards of conduct and values in his or her own life