Helping kids in Hebron, Andover and Marlborough, CT develop fundamental lacrosse skills and a love for lacrosse, the fastest sport in town!

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Boys' Lacrosse


Helmet (White Cascade Helmets recommended)
Mouth guard
Shoulder Pads
Arm Pads
Cleats (optional)
Practice Jersey (optional)
Rib Pads (optional)
Cup (optional)
Water Bottle (optional)
Equipment Bag (optional)


Boys' initial costs for equipment that should last 4 or more years (depending on growth) range from $180 for young players and around $250 for older players. The single biggest cost is the helmet which is usually half the overall cost.

For boys' equipment bear in mind there are differences in quality and style, but as they get bigger more protection in the equipment is used due to the potential for higher amounts of contact during the game
which increases the price. Younger players have less contact and therefore their equipment can be a little lighter and therefore a little lower in price. Dick's Sporting Goods often provides us with coupons prior to the season start.

Rules of Play