Helping kids in Hebron, Andover and Marlborough, CT develop fundamental lacrosse skills and a love for lacrosse, the fastest sport in town!

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Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are needed to help at all levels. Ideally a 4 or 5 player to one coach is ideal to provide the best opportunity to instruct, supervise and manage a team.  Coaches from other sports often find that the skills used in other sports are transferable to lacrosse, with slight changes.
Coaching Lacrosse is very similar to coaching other sports, the sports specific knowledge and skills can be learned through a variety of sources through our
program. We offer coach clinics, access to online courses through US Lacrosse, DVD training and help from other established coaches.

A first time coach would ideally go through the US Lacrosse Level I online course which not only teaches the basics of coaching but also the specific skills of lacrosse. Additionally, drills are provided for reinforcing these skills with your players. This training can then be supplemented with US Lacrosse’s Level I Clinic, our DVD library and clinics offered though our program and others in the area. Additionally the CT Lacrosse Association sponsors a convention in January for coaches to help share knowledge and help coaches learn areas of interest.

Coaches are responsible for the programs equipment and lead the instruction and planning of practices (usually 1-2 per week) and play and preparing teams for games (1-2 a week) typically there are three activities (games or practices) per week. The focus of the league is preparing players to master skills and develop new skills. Winning should not be the primary focus, and rather will result as a by-product of skill development.

Coaches will be supported with a parent team manager, and a coach’s coordinator to help provide support to the coaches.

The Spring Lacrosse Season typically starts at the end of February or first week of March with practices indoors or out (depending on weather and field conditions) with games starting around the last week of April and running through the second week of June. Games are scheduled by the coaches around field availability at a scheduling meeting in March. Games and Practices are usually early evening and on weekends.