Helping kids in Hebron, Andover and Marlborough, CT develop fundamental lacrosse skills and a love for lacrosse, the fastest sport in town!

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This program will provide instruction and competition with teams of the same age group from the South Eastern League At the Senior level girls games involve skils and play according to the strict rules of youth lacrosse and players are required to wear complete protective equipment. Due to the growth and development of players at this age level there can be considerable physical size, speed and maturity levels. The Senior level offers two levels of competion a highly competive and skilled level of competion and second competive but more recreational level that allows an opportunity for players to learn to play and to develop as players. The highest level of competition plays against other towns at a pre-high school level of competition. There is also a more developmental recreational level that plays against players of similar skills and abilities. All other teams will be selected by the evaluation during the first 3 weeks of practice or by an eveluation tryout. Players will be evaluated on individual and team offensive and defensive skills, as well as general conditioning and agility drills. Players will be evaluated and scored over multiple drills and cummulative scoring will be used to select the teams. As players development can change from year to year we encourage players development by providing them a level of competition which will provide them the best chance for success and the opportunity to continue to develop. Programs are designed to provide similar levels of competition to the players current abilities. No one has ever been scouted or recruited for college at this level. Please allow the players to continue to enjoy the game and develop at their own speed. The spring season usually begins in late April and concludes in early June. Start times are determined by weather and the ability to get outside on the fields. Games usually start the second or third week of April.